Restoring red paint, tcut?



Outstanding! And waxing every few months would be what I’d do.


Well I stand corrected. I never would have guessed you could rub that white off. Normally white is from oxidized clear so if it is a single stage and no clear, I don’t understand why it was white. Oh well not the only thing I don’t understand but results are results. Just a good coat of wax twice a year.

In Spring and Fall, I use the clay bar, then machine polish with a light polish, followed by a machine application of glaze, followed by hand applied wax. That’s also when I polish the plastic headlight and taillight lenses.


That’s way better than I thought it could come out. Well done.


So I’ve just started on the rest of the car and there are patches of what looks like lacquer peeling (see photo - agree?). There was none of this on the bonnet. It appears to be a completely different type of paint.
When I use t-cut (an abrasive polish) on the peeled areas, red paint immediately comes off, leaving the cloth red. What advice could anyone give here? Is it worth using an abrasive polish on the non peeled areas? The paint seems to be more of a deep red than the bonnet - will and an abrasive polish bring it back?
Also, what can be done about peeling lacquer?

The photographed area is the only large peeled section, but there are many many small (2cm) peeling areas.


Is this different than what you observed on the bonnet?


That is two-stage paint, the clear coat is peeling. The bonnet was repainted with single stage paint, it oxidizes more but there is no separate layer to peel.


Yes, no simple fix for the newly-posted peeling areas. Either live with it or get a paint job.


The paint on the bonnet did come off, but after much more rubbing