Reshape old cars


I know this is probably a stupid question, but I have to ask it, anyway.

With all the interest in antique cars, why can’t a seperate section of auto makers just mold out reproductions of any given car from the past? Surely, molds were used to form car bodies over the years. It would generate more interest in “old” cars if they could be bought straight off of the assembly line.


They do. You can buy reproductions of numerous old vehicles including one of my favorites, the old Porsche 356. The molds are recreated to use modern materials and manufacturing technologies and incorporate modern DOT requirements.

Somebody is even making “new” DeTomaso Panteras out of the leftover parts supplies!


It’s not a stupid question. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

You can buy brand new bodies, and body parts, for many old cars, but not from the original manufacturers.

I think people like older cars because they’re older, and would not be interested in buying a brand new old car. Besides, the old cars do not meet modern emissions and safety requirements, so the manufacturers would not legally be able to sell them in today’s market, and the number of people who might be interested is such a vehicle is too few to justify production. There would be no profit in it for the manufacturer unless the price was extremely high, and that would be self-defeating.


Not to mention the million or so Cobra replicas, reproductions of Mustang and '57 Chevy bodies, all the fiberglass street rod bodies, etc., etc., etc.

There are lots of “new” old cars available if you look around.


One reason is that the Federal government is involved so deeply in all aspects of automobile production.
Those old bumpers would be illegal, problems with bumper/fender/quarter panel fitment, fitment of a 100 sensors, crash worthiness/crumple zones, and Lord knows what else, etc. Even the old headlamps and taillamps would be illegal because they do not produce the illumination the government says they should.

Basically, the market would not support the cost of making those cars conform to current standards. Neat idea but it will never happen.

(Give you an example about the taillamps. One of my old motorcycles is a 1950 Harley panhead (an ex-cop bike to boot). This bike uses what is called by nickname, a “Tombstone” taillamp because it resembles a coffin when looking at it from the rear. This bike and the original taillamp are perfectly legal. The aftermarket reproduces these lamps and they are intended for custom use. However, they’re sold with the disclaimer “Not for Street Use” (Ha!) Under Federal law they’re illegal because they simply do not provide enough illumination to meet the standards of a current year model. Viewed from the side they provide nothing more than a glow. That’s just one area of countless dozens.)


What car(s) would you folks like to see re-introduced (old styling with new technology) ??? Rocketman


Sure, you can buy plenty of replica cars, some are very well made and some are junk. None are legitimate antiques, I don’t find them very interesting but they are more drivable (and cheaper) than real antiques. What type of car are you interested in?


During the time I spent in India, I thought for a while that I was seeing a lot of old Bronco II and old versions of Chevy Blazers. Guess what, apparently US manufacturers were dumping the old molds to the auto makers in India. Tata, among others, was basically using the same old bodies/frames with much smaller motors.


Let me guess, mcparadise. Present/former teacher/instuctor? I always made that comment to my students during the very first class for that group. To this day, I tell new “helpers” or colleagues that the only stupid question is the one that you DON’T ask.


As others have said…THEY DO…

One car show I saw on Spike…they bought a complete unibody car for a 67 Firebird…BRAND NEW. The body cost almost 3 times what the whole car cost back in 67.


ElCamino/Ranchero and the Bel Air. I still think the ElCo was years ahead of it’s time and I’d happily purchase a new one if it were ever remade. Truck bed for those times you needed one, but with the efficiency of a car body that sits low to the road.


I know they have a body for the 69 Camaro convertible for sale for like $10k, plus shipping


I believe that the “new” Beetle and Mini Cooper are an attempt to recapture that concept . . . but let’s not go there . . . isnn’t the VW now a Golf with a Beetle body? And the Cooper . . . made by the Germans? And the “new” Mustang “Bullit”? I guess corporate car companies have been there, done that. Rocketman