Reset "have engine serviced" F150 2001 how?

Already had 60k services
driven once/week a few miles
less than 70k miles
I know it runs a bit lean b/c of “codes” I reset every 6 months … even though it drinks 13mpg anyway
codes reader does not reset this separate idiot light

The best way to stop a service engine light from coming on is to fix the problem that causes the light to come on.


If this is the light that comes one when there’s a diagnostic code stored, probably no way to turn that off 100% except to either fix the problem or put a piece of black tape over the bulb. If it is a separate bulb that tells the owner there’s some scheduled service needed, like an oil change, there indeed may be a way using a code reader with that functionality to turn that one off.

Note that running lean can cause overheating and damage internal engine parts, like the valves.