Does where you have work done on your car matter for resale value? Someone recently told me that it’s better to have all work done at one place, preferably the dealership, but I’m not convinced. I think the most important thing is the condition of the car, and if you take it to several places over the lifetime of the car, then so be it. Can anyone help?

I don’t think it makes much difference and the main thing would be to maintain a log and keep all receipts. That does make a difference.

Some years back I sold a BMW motorcycle that I had owned for a long time and had purchased new.
I kept a simple composition book and notated with the date every single thing that had been done to that bike during my ownership no matter how inconsequential it seemed, including tire pressure checks.

Several people who came to look at it and make an offer were just as impressed with the notebook as they were with the bike itself. The guy who bought the bike actually ran a BMW shop and he flat said the paperwork I had convinced him to buy the bike without even hearing it run or going for a test ride.

If you are concerned with the resale value as to what a dealer will offer you as a trade-in price, it probably doesn’t even make any difference if you ever had the car serviced. If you are selling the car yourself, then having the service records from reputable shops may make or break the sale. It shouldn’t make a difference whether these shops are indpendent or a dealer.
A colleague of mine bought a used car with a warranty from a new car dealer. The car devloped transmission trouble. The dealer took the car to a well established independent transmission shop. When I needed a transmission repair, I went to this independent shop directly. The owner showed me his appointment book which included several of the new car dealers in our community. I dealt with an independent alignment shop until the owner finally retired. He had business from new car dealers whose own service departments couldn’t satisfy the customers on an alignment problem.
I use the dealer while my car is under warranty. When the warranty is up, I have a good independent shop for servicing and mechanical work. For tire and brake work, I go to another independent tire dealer. For transmission servicing (fluid and filter changes) I go to the independent transmission shop. I don’t shop price–I want the best technicians and shops doing the specific job. Over the long run, I’m certain that I have saved money.

Where the service is done isn’t an issue with me. If you keep EVERY receipt for every maintenance and repair in the car’s life that is the best thing you can do for resale value. A complete documentation of a cars service history adds value.

Probably depends on the vehicle. Ferrari F430? I don’t want to see ANY receipts from Jiffy Lube! Kia Rio? I’m just happy you bothered to change the oil . . .

What kind of car are you selling?