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Reply to VDCdriver, and Profhandy

For some reason I cannot reply to your comments, so that is why I am replying this way… I backed out of a driveway that was not noticably steep, and scraped bottom of car yesterday, also when I stopped car, a small tree limb was stuck up under my car, which I removed, of course. The night before, I filled up tank with gas, and had brake fluid filled. Thank you for any help in figuring this out.

The tree limb might have dislodged a wire running to an oxygen sensor on your exhaust system. This is just a guess, of course, and the illuminated CEL might have absolutely nothing to do with the scraping and the tree limb, but this is my best WAG (wild a** guess) for the moment.

There are other possible explanations, I’m sure. The vehicle has to be examined by a qualified mechanic, IMHO, especially since you stated in your original post that you smelled something burning.

You can go to a place like Advance Auto Parts or possibly Auto Zone to have the stored trouble codes read, free-of-charge, but unless you are mechanically inclined, you would likely wind up going to a mechanic after the codes are read, anyway.

But, if you do have the codes read at an auto parts store, you can come back and post the codes (something like P1234) and some of the board members will give you an English interpretation of the codes. And if you are mechanically inclined, perhaps you can do some or all of the repair work yourself.