Replacing thermostat in 2007 Dodge Charger

Is it ok to replace the original thermostat with a v-notch thermostat? Which is better for the engine?

Seems like a v-notch T-stat has some advantages, in theory, to manage engine temps. If it is worth it to you to try one, go ahead, but a standard one is just fine for the engine - that’s what Dodge installed, right?

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Well I ordered it online and it was cheaper than some of the other ones. I really only ordered it because out of the lowest priced ones, it had the most stars / best reviews. I think it was $11.
Is it “worth it”? Well it’s saving me money I believe, I just want to make sure it’s safe to use and doesn’t have any disadvantages.
I mean what would happen if you didn’t use a thermostat at all? Would the engine run too cold? Is there such a thing as too cold? If so, will this v-notch thermostat running the engine cooler than dodge designed, be a problem?

Thank you for your previous reply, it does sound like it’s safe to use and makes me feel a little better about that purchase.

You can’t run an engine without a thermostat.

Well? You can.

But the vehicle will then get lousy fuel mileage.

The purpose of the thermostat is to hold the coolant in the engine until the coolant reaches a certain temperature. The computer is in what is called the open loop mode. In this mode, the engine uses the most fuel because the engine is cold.

Then once the coolant reaches a certain temperature, the thermostat opens and allows the coolant to flow thru the cooling system.

The coolant has now reached a temperature where the computer goes into the closed loop mode.

The computer then uses the O2 sensors to trim the fuel mixture.

So, without a thermostat, the engine coolant will always be cold, and the engine will use more fuel.


Ok but as long as I have a thermostat, does it matters wether it’s a v-notch or regular one?

It’s a thermostat for Pete’s sake!

Install it!


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Lol, alright alright, I’ll just install it and go with it lol. Thanks for your help. I’m having other troubles right now while trying to flush the system, so once I get those solved, I’ll get it installed.
Thanks again!