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Replacing short block in 1972 Chevrolet C10

What should it cost to replace a '72 Chevrolet c10 6 cylinder short block with a used or rebuilt in the upper Midwest area?

Check this site for engine prices. Labor should be around 12 hours.

Upper Midwest covers a lot of area. Giving you a price is almost a waste of time. You need to get estimates from places yourself. Things like availability of parts , what else needs replaced , freight charges and even if some of the work has to be farmed out. One place might need the work so they might quote lower than normal or they might quote high because they don’t want to mess with it.

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okay, thanks for the info

Why a short block?

Has the head already been rebuilt?

If not, you want a long block.


the motor has never been touched so that is a good point. just going to use it around the cabin so less than 1000 miles/year

Years ago I pulled an old 6 cylinder pickup into the shop one evening and opened all the drains, put it on jack stands and in the morning pulled and installed a complete locally built engine and test drove that truck when I went to lunch. Those were the GOOD OLE DAYS but they were fast coming to an end then. And thinking of a '72 model these days I wonder just how much rust is waiting to break loose and what suspension and steering parts are about to fail on the truck. But if a good mechanic whose flat rate is very reasonable is available it might have a few good years left in it. And I’m curious as to what the job will cost.