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Replacing Heater Coil in 95 Corsica

How much would it cost to replacing Heater Coil in 95 Corsica. It is something I can do myself.

Here are the instructions from Autozone. Doesn’t appear that the AC has to be disconnected to do the job. With all the labor involved I wouldn’t be surprised if it was $400+. Get a couple of estimates first. As for doing it yourself, that is up to you.

Ed B.

It can be a real PIA to replace a heater core (not “heater coil”). Many years ago, I had the heater core on my Taurus replaced, and the cost was somewhere in the $600. range. The passage of time may make this a more expensive job at this point, or if you are very lucky, this job may be easier on a Corsica and may cost less.

On many cars, the job involves removing the dashboard and some components that sit behind the dashboard in order to access the heater core. On other vehicles, much of the job can be done from the firewall area in the engine compartment. Therein lies the cost difference.

Some cars appear to have been assembled by hanging a heater core from a conveyor and assembling the rest of the car around them.