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Replacing Ford Escort Timing Belt

When does it become prudent to replace the timing belt on a 1999 Ford Escort Wagon? The car has 80,000 miles, exhibits no problems at all, and all the owner’s manual says in the maintenance schedule is to replace the “accessories belt” at 150,000 mi.

The Escort 4 cylinder 2.0L has a timing belt. The usual schedule for timing belts is to change them by 100,000 miles. What engine does your SW have? Here is the Gates site to determine if your car has an interference type timing belt, or not:

4CL injected 2 liter,l and I don’t hink it’s a DOHC

The accessories belt is not the timing belt. A broken timing belt will KILL THE ENGINE!!! And leave you stranded at a minimum. Believe me, a timing belt replacement interval is one thing you do not want to ignore. Also, a timing belt will not show any symptoms before breaking. It will just break.

However, my Gates guide shows that the interval for this engine is 120,000 miles, and it is not an interferncec engine. Consult the owner’s manual to confirm this.

This Car Easily Could Have Been Built In 1998. It’s Time To Replace That 10 Year-Old Timing Belt!

Why second guess it? Age is also a consideration for parts that can deteriorate with time. Replace the water pump while you’re in there.

Good advice!

Good advice. I will only add that there is no way to tell if a belt that “looks” good really is. That is why timing belts should not be inspected. They are changed based on time or miles and the OP appears to meet both.

I also have a '98 Escort and the owner’s manual does not include a timing belt service interval. Pretty weird, huh? The Ford dealer said 120,000 miles.

If your Ford Escort has the 2.0L SOHC engine you are one of the few fortunate people; because, this particular SOHC engine is a non-interference design. Other SOHC engines are, usually always, interference fit. In a non-interference engine, if the timing belt slips, jumps, or loses teeth, the engine, most likely, won’t badly damage itself.
The DOHC 2.0L engine is an interference fit type.