Replacement steering rack dust boots

I have to replace my steering rack dust boots. All the replacement boots I’ve seen require removing the rack connection to the wheel (lots of time and/or $$$$$). Does anyone know if they make boots that are split down the long axis of the boot for easy installation? I’ve seen CV boots that are manufactured like that, but I can’t find any for steering racks (at least on line).

I’ve never seen split dust boots for rack and pinion assemblies. If you’re serious about replacing these, it requires disconnecting the outer tie rod ends from the steering knuckles, and unthreading the outer tie rod ends and their jamb nuts to replace these dust boots.


Thanks, I know what the job entails if I can’t find split dust boots. It just seams like a lot of labor to install an easily accessible, $12 part, so I thought some part manufacturer would’ve come up with a quicker alternative by now. Looks like it’s time to start saving up for my repair!