Replacement for VW Passat Wagon?

I have a 2009 VW Passat wagon (AWD), which I have loved. Of course, you can’t get these in the U.S. anymore :frowning: So, what would be a good replacement?

I’m currently considering the following:

-VW Taos (although I prefer a lower center of gravity and deeper cargo space, I do like the way the car handles, the lumbar support, and all the other perks and safety features)
-Passat sedan (this feels the most familiar, of course…but doesn’t have AWD and while the truck space is voluminous, it’s not a hatchback…)
-Subaru Crosstrek (I like the height – not quite as low as the Passat, which is sometimes a little too low, but not quite as high as the Taos – but it has less pickup than the VWs and doesn’t have that awesome lumbar support)

Should I perhaps also consider the VW GTI? Are there other makes and models that might offer what I’m looking for?

Thanks, in advance, for your advice!

Why are you even looking at vehicles now. Stock of vehicles is short and going to stay that way for some time. Dealers may not even have what someone here would suggest . Many dealers are asking above sticker price and if you don’t take it the next person may .

Just visit as many brand web sites as you can find and see if something appeals to you because just because I think you might like something does not mean you will . I like the Kia Soul but it does not seem to be one in Oklahoma new for sale.

First, decide what you want in a new vehicle. Don’t think about specific automobiles, just features that you want and need. Prioritize the list. Once you have the list, you can decide on the types of vehicles that meet you needs. You could have more than one category in your vehicle list, like small SUVs and hatchbacks, or hatchbacks and sedans. Then start looking at specific vehicles Maybe you did this already, but it doesn’t look like it from your list. Good luck and check in with your progress. We are interested in working with you on this. I love spending other people’s money! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All good points. Unfortunately, my wagon needs some rather expensive repairs, so despite the shortage we’re at a bit of a crossroads… So, we’re investigating whether we should invest over $2,000 in a vehicle that is already pretty old and thus not likely to last, or try to find a replacement (in a difficult market). We’d hate to invest money in repairs only to have something else happen (especially if options continue to dwindle). Guess it’s a gamble either way… (At any rate, I figure I should be getting ideas for “when the time comes” even if we do keep invest in and keep my current car…) Thanks!

Good ideas. I like wagons and hatchbacks but I also like cars with “pep” and a good turn radius. I like a lower center of gravity than most SUVs offer (and I don’t need anything larger than a small SUV), but one of the few things I would change about my current car is it’s low ground clearance. I’d like it just a tiny bit higher, for speed bumps and potholes (we’re in New England, so potholes and frost heaves can be an issue – as can winter weather). I have enjoyed having AWD, but have not had major difficulties without it in the past, so that’s negotiable. I like my sunroof and use it a lot. My current car has good lumbar support, which is also important to me. Anything come to mind? :wink:

What about passenger and cargo capacity? Do you need a hatch or SUV or is a sedan with fold down rear seats enough? I have a midsize sedan for my commuter, and my wife drives a minivan. If we had just one car, it would probably be a minivan for cargo and people capacity even though I prefer the handling and gas mileage from the sedan.

Yes, I would consider a midsize sedan, as long as it has decent trunk capacity. Although they’re more convenient sometimes, you’re absolutely right that I don’t need a hatch or SUV (as my husband has one)–and I too prefer the better gas mileage. Do you have any recommendations for sedans? Thanks!

Here’s another thought process…

Are you looking at brand new cars as a replacement, or used ones? As others have said, due to market issues, there aren’t a whole lot of cars to choose from right now, either new or used.

It sounds like you like your current car. If you put $2000 into it now, you’ll still have a car you like with a known maintenance history. If you trade it in on a used car…you won’t know that car’s history.

Put another way… you may be trading your $2000 car repair for somebody else’s failing transmission.

Think about it.

Have you tried the Subaru Outback? It’s essentially a wagon, similar in size to the Passat wagon, with AWD and more ground clearance than most.

Thank you for your input – very true. Seems like the cars I like best (Passat wagon, Golf wagon) are no longer sold new in the U.S. but it’s risky to buy any of them in used condition (even if they’re 2019 models)…

I did try the Outback and I liked it…but I liked the Subaru Crosstrek just as much (and price was lower). Do you happen to know what the main difference between the two is? (The Outback was about $2,000-3,000 more but I didn’t notice an appreciable difference)

I don’t know either well, but see lots of both around here (Duluth, MN.) The Outback is bigger and is a more, can we say, upscale model (based on the Legacy sedan.) The Crosstrek is smaller, based on the Impreza.

CR says of the Crosstrek “good fuel economy and impressive ride comfort… handling is competent and enjoyable…” One of the enthusiast car magazines had one in their long-term test fleet and it was well regarded by their staff.

The Outback has a lot more space than the Crosstrek. Also check out the Forester, it’s in-between, lots of room.

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Thanks! Will do :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! This is very helpful :slight_smile:

I’m on my second Accord and I like them a lot. Road noise is higher than I would prefer. It is comfortable, roomy, and has decent performance for a 4 cylinder. Gas mileage is great too. I get about 40 mpg in highway driving to work. Around my home it’s about 30 mpg. I currently drive a 2017 EX-L. A lot of people like the Toyota Camry. I’ve had late model Camrys as a rental and it’s fine except for the seat back. That’s uncomfortable for me, but you might like it. I also had a Mazda6 as a rental this past summer and it was comfortable and handled well. I found the infotainment interface a bit awkward. You have to use a dial and buttons on the center console to control functions including selecting the radio station. I didn’t figure out how to cancel a station in the favorites list, but I imagine it is in the user’s manual. You can still get a Passat SE or R-Line. Since you liked your Passat, you should compare any other models to a Passat in the trim you like best. These are not luxury cars although you can get them with luxury trim.

Thanks for the detailed feedback – very helpful :slight_smile: Will do that!

If we decide to invest in fixing the car… any guestimates on how many miles we might be able to get out of it? (It has about 165,000 now)

You could get 100 guesses and none of them might be even close .