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Replaced Transmission ... Now Problem with Alternator

I had my transmission replaced a few weeks ago (2002 Civic) and now it looks like my alternator went bad. The car isn’t starting and the engine isn’t turning over. Does anyone know if this can be from poor work from my mechanic or if it’s just a coincidence?

If the transmission was replaced a few weeks ago and the alternator was working fine all this time then it’s a coincidence. Alternators are like light bulbs…they work until they don’t work anymore. Replace it and go on with your life.

What makes you think the alternator is bad? Have you had it tested?

Is the original battery still in this car? If, so, I’d suspect the battery more than the alternator.

Stop guessing and have both the battery and the alternator tested. Most auto parts stores will do the testing free.

Since there frequently is a lot of confusion regarding this terminology, please give us your explanation of “not turning over”.

But, in any event, I agree that this is likely just coincidence.