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Replaced fuel pump car now won't start

Not sure what that means but I know pump is working and getting gas at fuel rail

Did you try to start the car after you put the water in or not?

Yes. I tried to start the car after water was in tank. I was thinking it was so little didn’t think it would cause the problems it has so I naturally tried to start the car

Then you need to purge fuel/water from the fuel line at the fuel rail as /Nevada_545 said.

I found a gasoline can laying in the gutter a few years ago, decided it was too rusty to use for gasoline, so now I use it to water my garden. So I can imagine how pouring water into the gas tank might happen.

(Funny story: A city inspector came by one day, spied the can, and said a gasoline can in the front yard was a fire hazard and must be removed else he’d issue a fine. I told him it was water. He balked, suggesting I was making this up to avoid a fine. So I told him he could have any gasoline in the can, provided he’d pour it into his truck while I watched. He got in his truck and drove away fast. :wink: )

I think removing the plugs, cranking the engine a few times to expel any water in the cylinders, then letting it sit a couple of days with the plugs out to evaporate is what I’d do next. In the meantime I’d figure out a way to flush any water that’s residing in the fuel system between the pump and the fuel injectors. The fluid that comes out can easily be tested for water content. Put it in a glass jar and let it sit overnight. The water will separate from the gasoline and be visible at the bottom of the jar. As posted above if you left any liquid at all in the tank when you drained it, there’s probably still some water in the bottom of tank. In that case figure out a way to run the pump and pump that remaining water out of the tank. There’s a product that helps prevent all the water from going to the bottom btw, called “dry-gas” or something like that. Might be worth a shot.

Once you’ve confirmed there’s no water in the cylinders or the fuel system, if it still won’t start you’ll have to check for spark at a spark plug during cranking. Definitely don’t do this sort of spark test if there’s any gasoline vapors hanging around, b/c that could cause an explosion. Wait overnight at least for any gasoline fumes caused by previous fuel system testing to dissipate first.

I wanted to thank everyone for the advice and suggestions on fixing my car. I pulled the spark plugs and cylinder 1 did have a little water in it. Let it dry out and then the car started and seems to be running fine now. Just wanted to let everyone know. Thanks again guys.


Glad you are back on the road OP. Good for you :slight_smile: