Replace Rack & Pinion or not worth it?

2000 Toyota Celica 162k miles. A shop I trust says it will cost about a grand to replace. Power steering fluid just won’t stay put. They replaced it last week and the car’s back to grinding noises and hard to turn. I guess the car runs fine otherwise…but what’s going to need replacing next, the transmission? Just trying to figure out the fine line of when it’s not worth dumping money into an older car.

If it’s a shop you trust, they should be able to help you answer this better than we can; they know the car. If you can dump a grand into this car and get another 18 months-2 years out of it, go for it.

If you knew that you wanted to keep the car going no matter what it isn’t what I’d suggest. But if you refill with this:

it very well may keep reasonable control of the leak. It only works if the problem is bad seals. I’ve used it. It does no harm and does control some leaks quite well. It may help you get many more miles from the car without bother with the rack