Replace miniature spare tire


When you read the literature about tires, you see that a tire shouldn?t be sold if it?s six years old, and should be replaced after it?s ten years old. This is because the rubber and glue etcetera break down. S, it occurred to me that the little miniature spare tire in my trunk has never been replaced and is as old as the car, i.e. 18 years in my case.

So, the question is, should it be replaced, or are these made to last longer than ordinary tires?



The spare in the trunk never sees the UV rays of the sun and is kept dry and clean which all help it last a pretty long time. Take it out and see if it is cracked at all. If it looks new it’s good enough for emergency use, meaning to slowly drive a few miles to a tire store. If it won’t hold air or is showing signs of aging, replace it. A tire place can sell you a new donut and mount it pretty darn inexpensively.

Since they spend all of their time in the trunk, hidden from the sun’s rays, the little spare tire will not suffer these problems as quickly as the tires on the ground. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Do you ever check the air in it??

one reason why I like the valve stem pressure sensors on my full sized spare…