Replace high-beam bulb on 2002 Impala


well, the Impala had a supposedly ‘broken’ high-beam bulb replaced with a new one on the driver’s side, and it isn’t lighting up. The beams on the passenger side work normally. (Important to have high beams here at the beginning of dear season & etc.)

I was getting an error message on the dash, ‘high beam out’; since I replaced the bulb to no avail, any next step easy on $ will be appreciated. My guess, try to find the breaker? Other steps?

Continued thanks for the advice given on the CT radio show.


Alto, MI

Check the fuses. There are often separate fuses for the right and left side headlights.

checked all fuses–they’re ok. It might be the ‘headlight relay’ attached directly to the main headlight drawknob. Then, there’s also the ‘bright’ pullstick on the steering column. It looks, though, like getting to the point of having to take the hit, and bring 'er in.