Replace engine or aim for cheap used car? 3rd cyl blown

After $2k + in repairs, my mechanic finally diagnosed my engine as being dead today. The 3rd cylinder is blown.

I’m a student and, like everyone else right now, have little money. I can scrape together $1k, possibly raid my existing 401k plan, etc.

My question is this…has anyone had luck in putting a rebuilt engine in a Nissan? Or am I better off just trying to find some cheap used Honda and pray it’s more reliable? I have to get to my job, but I doubt if my credit right now would allow for a car loan.

Plus, I’m torn between two thoughts: the engine replacement/repair would solve the majority of the problems and allow for smooth sailing for a few years, or that the car is just a lemon no matter what and will continue to have problems, and it’s better not to throw more money into the pit.

Need alot more info.
Year,model,miles what repairs make up the $2000
How long you had it, was it kept up?
What you mean cylinder is blown, head gasket,piston,rod?

The cheapest option is locating a used engine from a local auto recycler and having that installed.


Rather than blame Nissan for making an unreliable car and calling it a “lemon/money pit” several other points should be considered.

“Third cylinder is blown” means what? Maybe this problem is due to you and not the car but you have not provided any details at all about the car or problem other than a very hazy “blown” diagnosis.

Your mechanic runs up 2 grand in repairs and NOW decides you have an engine problem? Find another mechanic.

There has to be more to the story. It sounds like your mechanic managed to piddle away $2K of your money (on what?) and only then found out the engine was terminally ill. I suspect that’s not what happened at all. But if it is, the first step probably should be to find another mechanic and see if he or she comes up with the same diagnosis and suggestions.