Replace 2 tires at a time?

I have a 2009 Acura RDX. The car is full time AWD. I only have about 5% treadwear on my nearly-new Goodyear Eagle Performance Touring tires
(235/55/R18 100v), which, I’ve learned, have been discontinued by Goodyear. I had a freak sidewall blowout on my front passenger tire Friday night and I have been trying to locate a nearly new used tire that exactly matches my other 3 tires. No luck

I am planning to trade this car in in 6 months and do not want to buy a full set of 4 new or nearly new tires. I live in Reno Nevada and only drive about 25 miles a day. My question is: Can I safely put two nearly new Goodyear Eagle ResponseEdge tires on the front axle, without damaging my car?

"The car is full time AWD"   I seem to recall that Acura requires matched tyres or you may cause some expensive damage.  How much of a difference might be acceptable??  I don't know.  Maybe Acura has some published specifications.  Does anyone know?

Acura states that there is an allowable difference in tread wear. I’m more concerned with the difference in the tires ie mixing the Eagle Performance Touring in with the Eagle ResponseEdge.

You might look up ‘tire shaving’ in your area, they can match the tire diameters on the new and old tires at a fraction of the cost of 2 more new tires.

If your other tires are damn near new…I wouldnt sweat the diameter diff…just put the two new on the rear where the most force is applied by the truck…I doubt you will have issues…a diff tire size sure…a bald set of 2 vs a new set sure also…but not an almost new set of 2 vs new…

Do they still shave tires these days Tex? The old days it was BURNOUT TIME

Looks like there are a few tire shops that still do it in Dallas, but not common, that’s for sure!

Used tires are another option!

Awesome help. Thanks so much to all y’all!!!

Replace the pair. I believe the manual states for my MDX (similar SH-AWD) that four tires is best, however if not possible replace in pairs on same axle. NEVER change a single tire out.

Maybe search your manual out? I know there is so much stuff in it. I have four seperate manual to my 07 MDX and the main one is way too thick.