Replace 1999 Ford Escort Starter

Every 10 days or so I have trouble starting my 1999 Ford Escort. After 6 to 12 turns of the key, the car starts up.

I quote a crude quote on replacing the starter, which was aroun $300.

I have the following questions:

1. How much would it cost me to fix the starter myself?

2. Is it difficult?

3. How do you replace a starter?

Thanks for all the help everyone (in advance!!).

Sorry for all the spelling mistakes (I was typing way too fast).

Before we assume the starter is faulty you need to tell us more about your car’s starting problem.

What, exactly, happens when you turn the key? Is the starter engaging and spinning the engine?

What changes after 6 or 12 turns of the key that makes the engine start?

Thanks for the quick response, mcparadise.

When I stick the key in and turn, there is a click and that’s it. The engine doesn’t even try to turn over. Just a simple click.

after a few turns, the engine just starts. This morning was the longest it took to start. Probably had to turn the key about 20 times before the car started. Each time I turned the key, there was only a “click.”

Is that helpful?

Yes, that’s helpful. I think you should have your battery and the charging system tested before you do anything else. A weak battery can cause a “click” when you try to start the car.

Many parts stores will test the battery and the charging system free.

Ask them to “load test” the battery.

You also should check the battery cable connections (both ends of each cable) and make sure all connections are clean and tight.

If the battery and charging system check out you can start thinking about the starter.


If it turns out that is battery/charging system, what do I do from there?

If the battery fails the load test, you need a new battery. If the charging system is not charging properly the most likely cause is a bad alternator.