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Repairing small puncture on tire wall

I just took my truck tire to get my patched. It?s a fairly new tire with lots of tread. The tire techs tell me the puncture is on the wall and too far from the tread of the wheel to be patched. Can a tire wall be patched or are these guys trying to sell a tire?

I don’t think any shop will repair a sidewall puncture. Radials flex so much in the sidewall the repair can easily fail.

Any puncture in the sidewall of a tire means it’s life is over. The tire techs did you a great favor.

Side wall punctures cannot be repaired. As already stated the sidewalls flex to much for a patch to hold.

I agree with everyone else. There is too much liability involved with attempting to repair a sidewall puncture. If you rub it on a curb or take a corner too fast, the repair will fail and you could easily lose control of the vehicle. No decent technician who cares about the human race will repair something like this. It’s too dangerous. Tires is not a place to be cheap, so don’t even attempt to repair this or find someone who will.

Back before lawyers scared everybody, SOME sidewall punctures (a very small finishing nail type puncture) would be patched and then a RADIAL TUBE installed. Today, I doubt you can find a radial tube or anyone willing to repair the tire…

Liability is the key word here. If they patched the tire, and it failed, causing you to wreck, what’s keeping a money hungry lawyer from trying to sue them for everything, including the kitchen sink?