Repair manual for 1985 mercury marquis 3.1L station wagon

please tell me where to get a comprehensive repair manual for my 1985 mercury marquis 3.1L station wagon. also, i am looking for a wiring diagram/schematic for this car. thanks, in advance, for your help.


If you want accurate wiring diagrams with comprehensive repair procedures I recommend subscibing to this service.


There’s a set of factory manuals for sale on EBay :

Pricey though !

I’d check with the seller that these specifically cover the 3.1 wagon before buying, Ford manuals of that period had some odd permutations.

thanks for the information. do you use manuals or dvd’s? sometimes i have to see what they say to do being done rather than just read it in a manual to understand.
thanks, again, for your time.

thanks, i always forget that everything is for sale on ebay. thanks, also for the heads up about odd permutations. i’m new to this as i haven’t had a late model car before. got one when an un-insured driver totaled my subaru on xmas day. sister’s mother-in-law’s car.
good day,