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Repair Despair

Ever since we heard you were leaving
We’ve spent far too much time sad, and grieving…

My weekend starts at ten in the morning,
When I know Car Talk will be ANYTHING but boring

Click and Clack (known as Tom and Ray)
Are there to solve car problems, to save the day!

Not only is there auto advice,
They’ll fix WHATEVER-with a roll of the dice.

They listen to our woes all year,
Through their carpassion, they have become quite dear.

I fear that my morning won’t have any laughs ,
I’m used to an hour of hee-haws and gaffs!

So-our car guys have decided it’s time to take flight,
Where again will the human condition be seen in such light??

Kathy Sederquist Sandoval

There once were two brothers named Click-'N-Clack
A flat? "Hey! Just use the car jack!"
They’d riff and they’d laugh
Perhaps one or two gaffes
And an hour went by just like THAT!

Brothers Click and Clack
Car repair advice with jokes
We shall miss those nuts.