Reoccuring rotor/caliper issue

I purchased an 02 F150 Super-crew (5.4l) with. 60k three yrs ago. After the first few months I noticed a smell of hot brakes (though the pads were fine) and a noticeable thumping when applying brakes. I was told the calipers were sticking and damaged the rotors. I ended up replacing rotors, brakes, and calipers. Now a little over a year later the same started happening again, and again replaced all three. Only a week later after going down a steep decline smoke came boiling off the rotors. What is going on and how do I prevent this? Keep in mind I’ve been using the same mechanic for brakesthe entire time. He doesn’t ask which brand of brakes or calipers I want, he just replaces them.

The next time the brake job is done, replace the brake hoses going to the calipers.

These hoses can deteriorate internally where the rubber can act like a check valve.

So when the brakes are applied, the hydraulic pressure causes the pistons to move out and apply the brakes. But when the brakes are released, the rubber in the hoses acts like a check valve not allowing the piston to fully retract causing brake drag and heat.

Then when you go to apply the brakes over a long distance or under a heavy braking condition, the already hot brakes get even hotter and you warp rotors, and if things get really hot the brakes will smoke.


Agreed. Classic case of internally collapsing.

+2 to Tester’s suggestion.

Thanks! I’ll drop it off tomorrow to have this done.

I concur… Do you also Concur?