Rental Explorer

I had a 2021 Explorer Limited as a rental this week. Nice SUV! It’s quiet, comfortable, and soaks up the bumps very well. It has a limousine quality ride, and for the trim level, it should. The 2.3L EcoBoost provides very good performance too. I’m surprised that such a small engine, even turbocharged, gives performance like this. I did not measure 0 to 60 with a stopwatch, but it took 8 or 9 Mississippis to get there. Impressive, but not breathtaking. The seats are air conditioned and I like that too. Ford’s entertainment systems is easy to use and Apple Car Play is seamless. The only problem I had with it was getting out of cell tower range, which happens often where I am. When I picked it up, all the monitoring systems were turned on. It told me when I was veering out of my lane and showed the speed limit in the speedometer screen. Lane monitoring showed up there too. The speed limit icon even flashed when I exceeded the speed limit. It’s as if my mother in-law rode with me everywhere! Can’t beat that! :confused:. I pulled out the owner’s manual and figured out how to put a sock in her mouth. Much better. Gas mileage was 23.7 mpg, good for something this large. If you want a large SUV, look at this one. You might like it too.


Unfortunately you have to go up several trim levels to get the turbo V6.
I’m old school, consider the Explorer midsize.


Good review, thanks. Another example why renting a make/model that you might decide to purchase later is an excellent idea. By contrast I rented a Corolla a couple years ago, and while it did the job w/aplomb, still I prefer my 1990’s model. The later model version was too big, had a very low to the ground front-piece so I had to be very careful not to run into curbs when parking, and over the course of an entire week of driving, I never did figure out how to turn on the headlights.