Rent a car or drive my lease?

I am taking trip this summer and will drive about 4,000 miles. I am trying to decide weather or not to drive my 2013, Honda Pilot. I love the car so much I plan on buying it out at the end of the lease. I live close to work and do not put many miles on my cars. I would need to spend nearly $800 to rent a van. We have 6 people going on the trip. Should I drive my car or rent the van?

Six people in the Pilot, and all their luggage, that sounds like a very uncomfortable 4000 miles…You will need something like a Suburban, think 9 passenger…

Your post does not give sufficient information to give a meaningful answer.

Is this a point-to-point trip or will you be stopping along the way?
How many miles are included in your lease?
How many miles are on the car and how many miles do you drive per year?
How long is your lease?
Are you planning on buying the car after the lease or turning it in?
Six adults or a driver and five kids?

Just a few of the variables in the equation.

If you don’t think the trip will make you exceed your mileage allotment for the lease, and there is enough room for all the people and luggage, then drive it. But I would counterbalance that with the thought that if you drive a rental, you can be free from worry about damage, maintenance, road hazards, etc.

2 adults, 4 kids , sensible luggage/ 3 rows and pretty roomy in there
12,000 / year in the lease but this kind of driving won’t happen every year
4 year lease and I plan on buying it at the end.
I drive way under 12,000 a year. I just sold my 11 year old car with 70,000 miles on it.
Stopping twice there and back

Take your Pilot.

I’d hate to be in a position where I’d have to think twice about being able to drive my car somewhere. This is one reason (although not the main one) why I’ll never lease.

+1 for @UncleTurbo. If you were taking 6 adults then you would have needed a bigger vehicle.

If you are sure that you won’t exceed the mileage maximum at the end of the lease, take your Pilot. It depends on what the penalty is for going over the agreed mileage at lease end and whether that applies if you buy the Pilot. Read your lease to make sure if you haven’t already.

Take yours, you have plenty of miles available. If every one fits, like you said.

Thanks all!