Removed the radio/PCM fuse, now won't start

96 Odyssey

Hi All. While driving, the speedometer jumped around for a bit, then went back to normal function. The check engine light came on. I read the code (17 = Vehicle Speed Sensor). To reset the check engine light, I pulled the radio/PCM fuse for 1/2 hour and replaced. Now the car won’t start. Engine is turning over but not firing. Any advice??? Thanks

Does the radio work? The fuse may not be making a solid connection.

The radio fuse is for the presets of the radio, not the radio itself, but a blown fuse or a poor contact with one of its legs is still a possibility.

Did u fix VSS? If not, why did u pull fuse? U cannot clear a current code.

I used to recommend disconnecting the battery to reset a computer. I don’t recommend it now. The old solid state electronics would tolerate that a lot better than the new style stuff.

The fuse may be damaged and replacing it may fix the problem. If it doesn’t, somebody should use a code reader to determine the status of the PCM (computer). You may have wiped it out or lost the programming. You could use some good luck here.

To BustedKnuckles:The radio works.

To keith: The fuse I pulled was number 39 (PCM,clock,audio unit)
in the under-hood fuse box.

To Cavell: The VSS works. The code is clear.

To pleasedodgevan2: I was expecting that the PCM is wiped, but hoping that
there was another magic trick you could pull out of your hat to bring
the car back to life. :frowning:

Thanks to you all!

I don’t think you understood us. I’m sure the radio works, but set a couple of stations on your preset buttons, then shut down. Restart and see if the radio preset buttons you programed still work. If they do, then the fuse and its connections are good. Try removing and reinserting the fuse again.

You could also remove the battery cables and reattach them, remove the negative cable first and put it back last and see if that helps. BTW, you don’t have a key with a chip on it do you?