Removal of Catalytic Converter

I have a 1991 Ford f-250 with a 7.5l engine. Can I remove the Catalytic Converter from the truck without any adverse effects to the drivability of the truck? I’m not seeing an oxygen sensor behind the Cat and from an earlier answered post, I found out my truck uses the OBD1 engine management system which doesn’t monitor Cat performance. Comments?

As a side note, I would like to thank all who have helped me out by providing helpful info.

It may not hurt the engine…but you do know it is ILLEGAL.

The reduction in backpressure might cause some problems, but most likely no.

Of course if you live somewhere that does emissions tests, it will definitely affect your ability to drive it around. Like Mike said, it’s against federal law, but outside of the localities that do smog testing, there’s no enforcement.

I’d also try to convince you you should keep it on there to keep the air clean, but I have a hard time really arguing that a 7.3L with a converter is really going to be that much better than a 7.3L without one. If you live in some valley somewhere that fills up with smog, I’d replace it, but that’s just me.

The following is just FYI and could apply to other states besides Pennsylvania:

In a majority of the 67 counties in PA, there is no emissions inspection. However, there is the safety inspection in these counties, and part of that inspection is checking that all original emissions equipment is still there. Just FYI.

1980 Bronco
1979 Chevy pickup
1991 & 92 Explorers
all had the cats removed or hollowed out.

no worries mate.

As long as you’re not subjected to emissions testing you’ll be fine. It won’t change the way the trucks runs, things might actually improve if the cat is clogged up.

Thanks guys! I’ll probably hollow it out b/c a new one is almost $300 installed; I don’t drive it much anyways.