Reliability of 2015 Buick Verano

I am very fascinated with the 2015 Buick Verano and am planning to purchase one soon but I would like to know the real reliability of this vehicle before I make the purchase. Please advise.

Consumer Reports says much better than average.

Get it checked by a mechanic you trust to make sure there are no hidden problems. A prepurchase inspection will cost about $100, and is worth it if it finds issues that need to be fixed. Even though a 2015 is only 3 years old, poor maintenanance can damage the engine.

Is this a dealer or private sale? If it is a off lease car, there might be a CarFax with a maintenance history. A CarFax can be useful if it has a maintenance an accident history. This is possible if the was maintained at a dealer typically. CarFax only gets data if it is entered into the systems they monitor. A participating dealer will enter data, but a private shop probably won’t. If the car was in an accident you might want to avoid it, depending on what was damaged.