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Relation between the braking warning light and the fan's failure

My Chevey Malibu (1999): When i start my car, sometimes the brake system warning light will be on, and the fan will not work. After about 10 minutes drive, the fan suddenly starts working again, and the brake warning light will be off immediately, and everything is fine. I just pass my inspection, and there is nothing wrong with the brakes. My question is: suppose both the brake and the fan have problems, they are separate systems, and should not be related to each other. Then how can the warning light is on or off depending on the function of the fan? Any idea about the problems? Thanks. Lee

Fan… Which fan?

the fan for the climate control with the fan knob to turn clockwise to increase the fan speed. Thanks.

I suspect the two systems and possibly some other areas are tied to a common source of power and there is a intermittant connection causing the trouble. Checking the wiring diagram for the car would help. You could also try to find a common fuse to those areas and pull it out to verify that it is tied to those areas. They should have the same symtoms if there is a power connection problem.

When you had your brake inspection was the brake warning light on? how long ago was the brake inspection? I have replaced dozens of these climate control heads in that year Malibu for various problems. I conclude you are looking for a wiring issue so as that control head replacement is not required. Becareful what you wish for as I would much rather deal with a control head replacement issue that pay someone to track down a wiring concern. Check TSB’s

I checked the manual,and do not see any fuse or source of power that connect both. Any further thoughts? Thank you so much!

What manual did you check? Did you check a actual wiring diagram for the vehicle that shows all the wiring connections? Since both of the two systems start working at the same time I have to think they are tied together at some common point in the wiring.