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Reject this warranty?

I picked up and paid (cash) for my 2015 Legacy, and I didn’t take any of the upsells. However, the upsell manager knew from my salesman that I wouldn’t want the extended warranty, so he claimed that they offered me the “dealer price” in advance.

I said I’d think about it, but only if I got the blank contract to take home. Glossy brochures don’t interest me.

Of course, the brochure lists countless things that are covered for an extra 5 years, but the contract lists the exceptions. Among what’s not covered: alignment, belts, hoses, brake pads, body trim, upholstery, brake rotors, shocks, and battery.

So, it’s the extra 5 years or 70K miles, 0 deductible, for $945. I’m ready to reject it, but I wanted to check here first. Thanks.

There’s no sure things of course, but in my limited experience w/new cars, most sample-defect problems occur in the first year of ownership.

Take the $945 and set it aside for future repairs. You will be ahead of the game. The std warranty will take care of most problems. With the exception of an engine or tranny going, you are not likely to get a $900 repair bill that would be covered.

Even if it’s a Subaru factory backed extended warranty (is it?) I’d pass.

Take Steve’s advice. Pass.

If you bought a warranty or contract for everything you owned, you couldn’t afford everything you own.

That’s a lot of money for a list of exclusions. Pass.

I’d pass; the things covered are not likely to break during the term of the warranty. As stated, defect failures nearly always occur during the standard warranty that comes with the car.

There is a small chance that $945 warranty would pay for itself. There is also a chance you could win the lottery.

I would definitely pass on this.


The things listed are wear items. While other parts aren’t listed, you are still subject to someone else determining whether the unlisted items failed by your neglect. How much do you trust your dealer? On the other hand, we got a 60/60 warranty extension on our Olds when we bought it new as an incentive to buy a discontinued car. At 58,000 miles the transmission failed and our dealer got us a free, new transmission. But again, the extended warranty was free.

If I was buying a car with a cvt I would get an extended warranty.

What transmission do you have in this vehicle?

A couple weeks ago a couple north of us about ten miles won 2 million in the lottery. Some do win, most lose.