Red light runners

Far to many accidents at the stop sign RR crossings. Ignorant drivers who just blow the stop sign and others who treat it as a stop and go without looking or listening! Train engineers are required to blow the horn long and loud at these intersections.

The guy that owned the restaurant I worked at in high school was on his way to the bank with his bag of money. He also owned a pool area on the side of the road just before the railroad tracks. He was looking at the pool and failed to see the train on the tracks and ran right into it. Another employee happened to be in back of him and the boss came out of the car bloody and bruised before the ambulance came, with the bag of money in his hand telling the other guy to get it to the bank. Not knowing if he was going to live or die there were priorities.

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Red is the new green?

Maybe it was in milwaukee and the oficer thought the car was stolen,

“The state’s largest law enforcement agency permits officers to chase a vehicle if they have probable cause that it, or the people inside, was involved in a violent felony. The department tightened the policy so officers could not chase for misdemeanor offenses, such as drug possession, or non-violent felonies, such as burglary.”

Sounds like you live where I do, Florida.

Locally we had two people killed Wednesday and one on Thursday by trains. The two on Wednesday were suicides. Haven’t heard about Thursday. They were all pedestrians. We have also had people killed driving around down crossing gates.

I once stood at a busy intersection in downtown Boston and counted the number of cars that ran the red light. It amounted to about 5 per light cycle. I guessed at 100 per hour. With a 3 hour rush hour that is 300 per day AT THAT ONE INTERSECTION. Multiply by 100, and you get 30000 per day, or about 1 million per month.

And Boston is complaining about lack of money. Catch 1/10 of those and charge them $100 each and that is $10 million per month !!

Donnie Wahlberg could do it and have a burger truck around the corner.

That is a problem. Not so much in my small town which is growing larger but in my original post which concerned the capitol city which is much larger it is a problem. Drivers in the wrong lane trying to go to the head of the line and cut in. I don’t really blame them for trying. I won’t give them a break. I only hate the idiots who let them in.

But someone always does.

Actually Oregon. Almost as far as you can get from Florida in the continental US. I have visited Florida 3 times and had no problems with the exception of Disney World. I now know what it feels like to be in an interment camp.

Its fine if you just take the bus, boat, or monorail, but they have the longest red lights I’ve ever seen.

I confess to never having driven in Florida.

“Sir I’m doing the job that you pay me to do. I’m also in desperate need of asking for a raise. Would you do me a favor by paying the ticket?”

I consider those ironclad verification regarding Darwin’s theory of natural selection.