Reconstructed title

i’ve had a 2001 civic with reconstructed title since 2003. i purchased it after it was refurbished (new a.c. compressor, etc) from being in a flood. It’s been great. I’d like to sell it privately for a bit less than blue book. Any suggestions for selling a car with a reconstructed title?

You’d be better off keeping the car and driving the wheels off it. The sale value of the car is probably going to be a lot lower than you’d like. Generally when you buy a salvage/rebuilt title vehicle you need to plan on keeping it for forever or sell it for peanuts.

On a flood vehicle, if you can sell it at all, the value should be discounted 30-50% at least. Flood damage is like a ticking time bomb where the electronics are slowly deteriorating.

I’d think that after 5 years, the bomb would have detonated if it was going to. I do agree that it’s going to be a heavy discount amount, though.