Recirculate Light Not Working

I have a 2005 Toyota Camry LE. When I press the recirculate button, the green LED does not light up. The recirculate feature does not seem to be working when I press the button. Previously when I pressed the button it was working but I would hear a whistle noise. Now I have nothing. The rest of the lights on the climate control unit light up so I know the climate control unit is getting power. I find it hard to believe that the LED died, but it’s possible. I had removed the climate control unit in the past to replace the two incandescent lights to LEDs that are also in the unit when one of them died. Had no issues for several months after I put the climate control unit back in, until now.

Any suggestions or ideas on what could be wrong? I guess the button is not working, so the LED indication is not working and the shutter to close the shutter to the outside is not being closed. But I’m not sure why the button is no longer working.

Are you using panel or floor selections? Recirculate can not be selected when using the defrost/windshield selection.

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Yea I did. Thanks that explains it! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!