Recent Model Honda Element (or CRV) - Questions



[sorry - this question ended up in the repair area since I forgot to change the pull-down option, so I’m repeating here]

I’m considering buying a new Honda Element (or possibly a CRV) - would like some information from current owners or anyone who has a lot of knowledge about them.

I’m a little confused about the back area, as I can’t seem to find a lot of photos online. Is the only way to get a lot of cargo space to either fold the seats way up on the sides (therefore making the back windows unusable), or take the seats out completely? I thought I saw a photo where the seats folded down & were hidden (cushions not showing - more like a floor area instead).

Also, do you know what the ground clearance is? It’s more than a regular sedan, isn’t it?



In the Element, the seats in he back flip up SDEWAYS agains the wall. In the CRV the backseat flips up in the normal fashion. A lady in our hiking club has an Element and she puts her mountain bikes upright in the back; it’s got a lot of headroom.

But you should just stop off at a dealership and take a look for yourself.


i guess i’ll have to, even tho i don’t want to deal with salespeople (as i’d try buying from their fleet dept.).

are you saying that the back seats only get out of the way by having them up against the upper wall? that’s what i keep seeing. that seems very unsafe due to the blind spots created. i’ve read there’s 64 configurations possible, but i sure don’t see it. one picture showed the seats flat & hidden…but only saw that in 1 picture.


Those flipped up seats on the Element DO NO OBSTRUCT your rear vision. You should visit the showroom and flip them up for yourself.


i guess i was thinking more about the SIDE vision… cuz it appears they do cover up windows.

yes, i do need to visit a showroom - maybe tomorrow. just trying to figure out how i avoid salespeople while doing it (w/o being rude).

i think there should be a site that shows photos of the 64 configurations!