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Recall time limit

Had to go on a road trip with my 2000 Ford pickup for work, the burning oil smell was so bad I had to open the windows. TSB from alldata indicated oil leak on head gasket rear passenger side was a recall due to milling leaving metal fragments and head gasket replacement was in order, exactly the problem. The computers were down and waiting for an answer. Our hillbilly alternative is to patch something in so the oil drips somewhere else. Anyone have any ideas if it might be covered? I was thinking they are probably still laughing, really a 2000, though less than 50k, for a recall repair! Ha HA.

A recall lasts forever on a vehicle because it’s a safety issue. So if there’s an actual RECALL for this problem, it’s covered by the manufacterer.



What model Ford truck?
What exact engine?

TSB and recall are NOT the same thing

I believe the 10 year time limit starts when the recall is started. If the recall was started in Jan 03 then you are out of luck.

I think it is an 2000 f150 xl with 4wd and cng. Engine I am not sure of. Maybe 5.4L V8 SOHC 16V


The only 10 year limit I’m aware of is the one that says that once a defect is determined to exist, the manufacturer only has to cover cars less then 10 years old. That is, if in 2013 a defect is discovered, only cars sold in 2003 or later are required to be covered by the recall. I am not aware of any time limit for having the repair done once the recall is initiated.

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@Barkydog I found a TSB pertaining to head gasket leaks from the right side head gasket area.

It ONLY applies to 1999 Models.

If this applies to you (but yours is too new, I believe), you’re SOL because it was never a recall.

I am not a big fan of the generic information websites, in part because they often don’t have the very latest information. If Alldata listed this as a recall, that is a beginner’s mistake. They should know better.

I would look very carefully at valve cover gaskets before condemning any headgasket or head.

Do not confuse a TSB with a Recall. There is no limit on a Recall but there are limits on a Campaign. (voluntary Recall)

A TSB is only a service notification sent out to the dealer and the odds of a Recall ever being issued for a head gasket oil leak are about as close to zero as you can get.

The valve cover gaskets are good, thanks @db4960, I’ll look at the printout tomorrow and give you the specific details, until then thanks!

It was only a tsb 03-6-2,2/31/03, Not a recall. Time to come up with some way to keep the oil from dripping on the exhaust manifold from the rear of the passenger side leak, as it looks like a new head gasket would e a real bear. I’ll see what the mechanic comes up with unless you have any ideas.

@Barkydog you mean this TSB, correct? I just read it and it looks a pretty straightforward repair.

If this is your problem (and not a valve cover gasket), this shouldn’t be the end of the world.

I’m actually doing an intake manifold on a 2001 F-250 5.4 right now, because the manifold itself took a s . . t. I had the entire manifold out it less than 2 hours, so taking one head off sounds sort of reasonable.

I’ll tell ya with the engine set so far back and we are on a per hour charge per vehicle, thinking an alternative to head gasket replacement is my choice. That is why we are thinking drip the oil somewhere else besides the exhaust manifold. Not to mention there is not a shut off valve for the cng that would need to be removed to provide access and it is half full as far as I can see.