Rebuilt Toyota 22RE Engine (loss of power)

I installed a brand new head on my 1986 4Runner. Started up great and engine runs very smooth at idle and on flat roads but no power when going up hills. I had the catalytic conv checked (OK) and adjusted valves, timing, rechecked all vacuum lines, etc.


You could have a variety of different problems - but for what it’s worth, when I had a rebuilt engine installed in my Toyota, I found the throttle was mis-adjusted so it would only open 1/2-way.

Vehicles with computer controlled ignition timing generally require the test plug be used when checking and setting the timing.Failure to do so will throw the timing way off. Is it known if this plug was used or not?

If the timing is correct, then I would run a compression check.
You installed a new head for what reason? If the engine was overheated it’s possible the piston rings could be cooked. Excessive heat will seize the rings into the ring lands and/or remove the spring tension from them. Either way, they won’t seal.

If you’re talking about short circuiting the terminal “T”, that was done when the timing was set. Head was replaced due to a faulty one that was put in a few years ago (leaked).

A compression check was going to be the next step. Will try.

Thanks for the comments!

Run a vacuum check too… If compression and vacuum are both low, you may have moved a tooth or two on the cam chain…

I think you hit the nail on the head. I remember when I was installing the timing chain, it didn’t go on at dead center.

Hopefully that’s the problem.

Thanks for your help!!

That was it! It runs great now!

Thanks so much for your help!!!