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Rebuilding a 3vz questions

I’m rebuilding 3vz on a 1992 Toyota pickup at 92,000 miles the rod bearing went bad anyway I wanted to know if machining the cylinders is necessary they look and feel fine would it be ok the only machine the crank and just buy standard sized pistons and rings

Measure the bores top and bottom and at 90 degrees to make sure they have no taper and are actually round. If you find them within spec, they should be honed to remove glazing and re establish a crosshatch pattern so the new rings will seat. Your machin shop can do this or you can do it yourself with a hand drill and a hone and a large can of wd-40. Look up how on youtube or in a book on rebuilding engines.


Thank you I’ll measure it tonight do you think digital calipers will be accurate enough

If you are going to buy those parts why not just have the cylinders redone why you have all this apart . You might not be happy if it was all back together and you found out you should have done that.

Mainly cost I still haven’t called the machine shop so I don’t really know expensive it will be but I read it’s somewhere around 75 per cylinder on average

You will need and inside bore gauge or a snap gauge plus micrometers that messure down to 0.0005 at least. 0.0001 is better.

Not by a long shot. You’l need a set like this: