Rear struts and sway bars '01 Subaru Outback Estimate

I just got a quote back re: replacing rear struts and sway bars on our '01 Outback. I don’t doubt that the work needs to be done, but we are new to the area, and don’t want to be ripped off. Is $975 a reasonable price for this job? We’re in east central Wisconsin. Thanks.

Enter your information, and you’ll get some idea on the cost.



$300 for both struts, parts cost, plus a round 4 hours labor. Plus another $50 for the sway bar, and an hour labor.

Totalling it out, you’re looking at around $350 parts, plus 5 hours labor. So $800-1000 seems like a good estimate. There may be some bracket/mount work involved too. I think you are good to go on this. You got a personal recommendation for this shop, right?

Are you sure the quote is for sway bays? There is only one in the rear. Sway bar links and/or bushings?