Rear Passenger Rotor Issues

I’m good about my car’s maintenance but having an issue with my rear passenger rotor that keeps going bad on my 2011 Honda CRV. Could it be the caliper?

If it’s warpage, the caliper piston is not retracting. Causes are sticking caliper piston, sticky slides, damaged brake hose, or even contaminated brake fluid.

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Hi Villamd:
Can you describe how that rotor keeps going bad? I assume it’s warpage, but it would be good to confirm.

I agree with tcmichnorth’s input.

  1. Are the caliper slides clean and free to move?

  2. Is there a rubber brake line hose leading to the rear wheel caliper? If so, sometimes they age and the innards begin to flake off, causing a one-way-valve effect, (and causing the caliper to not release).

  3. Have the wheel’s lugnuts been overtightened?

  4. Is the wheel bearing in good condition? E.g., does it have any wobble in it?

  5. Is the surface that the rotor rests up against (hub?) clean and free of crud?

  6. Have you flushed the brake fluid? Did it come out clean or gross black?

  7. Does the caliper piston freely move in (with the bleeder cracked open) and out?

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