Rear main seal and engine replacement?

That, I do not know.

You don’t have to ask 4 people the very same question. We can all see all postings.

There is no way for us to know what comes on the engine you bought. Ask the people selling you the engine.

My question is; is the radiator fan switch located on the engine or on the radiator? Car is overheating and replacing the motor will very likely fix the problem since i flushed the radiator as well. However i need to know if the radiator fan switch is on the engine or radiator because if it’s on the radiator then that means i’m not getting that new part from the engine swap and need to go pick one up

I already dropped the engine off at the mechanics today

Even if the engine would normally have the coolant switch… and it would… it may not be on the new engine. There may just be a plug on the spot that should be removed and replaced with the coolant sensor.

Do you understand how we can’t tell you what is on your engine?

Then that is the person who can answer your questions.

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I would not worry about a small rear main seal leak on the old engine if it’s going to be swapped out anyway.

If this swap is going to be a new (not salvage) engine then it should have a new rear main seal already.
Anytime an engine is out for any reason (and assuming this car has an automatic transmission) the front pump seal on the transmission should be replaced also.
The last thing you want is to install a new engine and have the pump seal puking transmission fluid all over the place.

I’ve never charged any additional labor for the installation of a rear main seal or a front pump seal if the engine is out for whatever reason. Just the cost of the seals themselves.

If this car has a manual transmission, with the engine out now is the time to check the clutch assembly and maybe replace the throw-out bearing and pilot bearing at a minimum.

Fan relays are not located on the engine, they are usually in a fuse box or mounted remotely on the firewall or fender apron.

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