Rear impact absorber damage

Well good news got a call from repair shop parts are in, next is getting rental car and the estimate actually went down as the other insurance found parts so its $733 right now which is good for me, the body shop guy said he would make sure that the parts are in good shape. Hopefully will drop off car Tuesday morning. I have only had to go to Dr once and she suggested PT but I find that they tend to make things worse and then milk it as long as they can. I have had surgery before and declined PT and asked for exercises at home and ended up recovery in half the time then people who go to PT. So I have been doing my exercises and using the heat/ice and doing well. Thanks everyone for all your input! Have a great weekend. Its raining here and I love it

PT . . . physical therapy?

glad to hear you’re well on the way to recovery

Good to hear you’re doing well, Denise. Even at low speeds being rear-ended is a scary experience. And the sound of any auto accident is astounding. Glad to hear your car is repairable. We had a Civic a decade ago that was rear-ended ate at night in a hit-and-run. It limped home and didn’t look so bad, but was totaled. Nice to hear of the rare repair coming in below estimates.

My partner thought he was OK that night, but by the next day had a very sore neck. I share your doubts about PT. Several rounds I’ve endured have been largely useless, and no two therapists gave me the same explanation. Tight muscles, bad alignment, pinched nerve, on and on, something new every time. Given time you’ll be as good as new, and you won’t even need any parts replaced.

Think that is bad 3 months to get in for an mri after getting rear ended while siting at a stoplight, as she has spinal fusion and nerve stimulator. had to have a group of 3 doctors.

Convinced her to go to my chiropractor, xray showed step fracture, surgeon could not believe she was not sent to emergency room his 3 month later asessment, but she had gone to the walk in clinic and they told her probably nothing to worry about.

Dr gave her a hang over the door stretch your neck thing, no surgery necessary, Dr Malone ie chiropractor has been phenomenal. The surgeon said start with 3 lbs for the torture gadget, and chiropractor was like that will do nothing, do at least 8 lbs, but given 3 months to get an mri he has performed reduced headaches and neck pain etc. where traditional medicine has failed

Well never did get my car fixed. What an ordeal this has been, would not wish it upon anyone. I had dropped my car off at the body shop, rental guy got lost picking me up then when I got to the rental place they wanted my credit card to put a hold for what they called gas, any damage and “incidentals” well that’s a pretty broad are if you ask me. I tried to explain that the other insurance company needs to take care of that as I had 3 people from work say they did not have to put any money or cc on hold as the other ins took of it. Allstate refused so then I asked to be taken back to my car and they told me as soon as they had someone and I waited and waited and then the guy who originally took me was washing cars and I asked him to take me back and he finally did. By the time I got my car and back to work it was 2 hours wasted. So now am trying to get my money for the damage and I will take care of it in my own time. The victim is ALWAYS screwed. Will see what they offer for my 2 medical visits and hours missed from work. Will be so glad to be done with this. Hope you all have been doing well : )

@Denisek716 I had a similar situation a few years ago, when my mom’s car was rearended

I had to deal with their deadbeat insurance company, and it was no fun, because they never answered the phone, and never returned any calls

On google, I did a keyword search for the name of the insurance company, and I eventually found some different phone numbers, ones which weren’t listed. And this second person answered the phone!

Fortunately for me, the number I found on google was somebody much higher up than the deadbeat who was ignoring me. I told them about the whole situation, gave them all the details, dates, location, names, etc. They said they’d handle it, and I should see some results in a few days

Sure enough, a few days later, somebody did call and informed me what was going on. They called a few more times, and it did get handled

But I strongly feel I got good results, because I refused to play “their” game and lit a fire under somebody’s behind

Start talking a little whiplash and attorneys and their attitude may do a 180. In the past I’ve been yanked around a few times by insurers (one of them beyond rude…) and once headaches and backaches along with name dropping an attorney was mentioned I instantly went from being addressed as “ can kiss off” to Yessir Mr, not a problem resolving this. All a big misunderstanding.".