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Rear end noise

My 2008 cx-9 all wheel drive makes a whooshing draping noise turning from a stop. Any ideas?

Should be"scraping" noise. Sound is very intermittent.

I don’t know about the “whooshing”, but the scraping noise could be from a worn center viscous coupler.
Have the tires always been rotated on a consistent schedule?
Are all 4 tires the same…size…brand…model…and do they have an equal amount of wear?

My DAkota does the same whooshing sound and I worried too. It sounded to me like a warped rotor that would rub when the high side came around. And like your’s only slow around turns…like in a parking lot.
I checked the brakes and couldn’t find a problem. THen I had a mechanic friend ride along and he said that it was the Posi traction rear end and I just had to add an additive to the lube.
Put in the additive and I don’t hear it anymore. That was 2 years ago.


What was the additive ?

It’s a limited slip additive. It adds friction modifiers to the gear lube to protect the internal clutches. I needed to add some when I did a fluid change on my truck. The requirements were in the owners manual.