Rear-End hidden damage?

Where I live, you can forget that police report, or getting them involved

When you need them, it takes hours for them to even show up, if at all

it’s a joke

Dealing with them is only worthwhile if there is a possibility of violence

I say this with all due respect, but it happens to be true


One estimate is one short, at least. You don’t have to pay anything in most states unless you are given more than one estimate. One requirement is that you report accidents to police if the damage is over a certain amount. I may be telling lies but you should still check it out.

Speaking of estimates…
you ask about '‘hidden’'damage…compared to WHAT ?
What IS the ‘‘damage’’ that is estimated at $1200.00 ?
What does the estimate say is damaged ?
Only knowing that , can we surmise what else could be ‘‘hidden’’.