Rear disc brakes caliper piston reset

have a '96 Taurus i recently posted on here about hot rear rotors and that it was difficult to get caliper on. I didn’t realize that the pistons actually turn to reset or get back in. i bought the tool for it.

my question is this: does anyone know if this is right handed or left handed threads?

I know it’ll only go in one way, but i wanted to save time energy and get this done as soon as possible.

thanks to you all for your response.


All Ford’s that I know of turn-in clockwise. The tool compresses as it turns, so you’ll know pretty quickly if it’s working.
(I think it’s a moot question. As best I recall, that tool only works clockwise.)

Be careful, these cars have a lovely habit with the lower caliper mount freezing/rusting up. Even if you rotate the piston back correctly it still may now fit since the caliper mount will not slide back to the mount bracket. If it’s frozen some PB Blast and heat can move it but it’s much easier to replace the mount bracket and hardware.

you nailed that one right on the head!!! I had a horrible time getting home that night I fixed it. I actually used a vice to press these rusted bolts in, but they never sprung back out. I didn’t even think about it. Long story short, things got very hot and i didn’t figure out why til the next day. B/c of those bolts not coming back out it pulled that caliper bracket directly into rotor. luckily no damage was done. When i realized they were getting hot, I drove 45 the rest of the 35 miles home and the temp. stayed down pretty good. I was about to grind the bracket but any time you grind or add heat, you’re changing the density or something like that of that object. I found out the bracket is only $25 at the local parts store, nice shiny and new and NOT modified! I almost made a DUMB MISTAKE!!

If only I’d gotten this post earlier. Thank your for reinforcing this matter, now others will read it and learn and possibly help out their friends.

Thanks again partner

If this happens again you may want to price a set of loaded calipers. I believe the bracket comes with them. A loaded caliper is a caliper, pads and other items (bracket) depending on the application.

Thanks for posting, outcomes help us all grow.