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Rear differential seal PLEASE HELP AND REPLY!

I removed the 10bolt back cover on my rear differential in my 98 4cylinder s10 to drain the fluid. i cleaned the surfases of both the cover and the differential itself. i then put silicone form-a-gasket on the back plate. i am worried that some of this gasket material i accidentally smudged on the inside of the differential and some more went inside differential when i tightened the bolts. will this gasket material hurt my differential when mixed with gear oil???!!! PLEASE HELP AND REPLY!!!

Nope. Go in peace.

Not likely you hurt anything, but if you’re really worried, just take it off and clean it up. Better way to do it is to use a gasket, rub just enough gasket material on it to make it stick (use rubber gloves). The form a gasket doesn’t contaminate the oil. Real problem occurs when used to assemble engine parts, where it can clog small oil or coolant passages.

No, no harm,But why did you decide on the silicon and not the normal gasket material?Don’t use this product when the situation you describe involves the engine oil system,or any way these pieces can get in the engine oil,this is disasterous.

thanks guys you all are the greatest =)

I agree with everything that you’ve been told. That RTV sealer is more a curse than a help and a number of engines have been destroyed by some overzealous use of this stuff.

If you must use sealer then I would advise using Copper Coat, Indian Head Shellaq, or even the nastiest stuff known to man; old sticky PermaTex.