Real world mpg of 1992 Escort wagon

I was just given (free) a 92 Escort wagon, stick shift. Owned by a friend of the family. It would not start anymore, and he left it sitting for a month or so. I went over last night and found out the ignition lock cylinder was broken, so I took it apart and now it starts with a screwdriver. Ive been fixing cars for 10 years, so I am not scared of a heap.

I guess he was planning on giving me the car all along. He said drive it, fix it and sell it, sell it for scrap, he didnt care, he just wanted it gone. He bought the Ford truck I was working on earlier, Ill update that thread next.

Anyway, I was wondering about what kind of mileage people normally get with these cars. I dont need another car, but if it gets considerably better mileage than my Celebrity, I might keep it. I get 28-30 with my Celebrity, at times I have gotten 32. No city driving here, all highway. I did some looking online, and they said it got about the same mileage as my Celebrity. Which I found rather surprising for such a small car, but they didnt elaborate on transmission choices either. So I was looking for some real world experience on what others have gotten.