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'Reading This While You Drive Could Increase Your Risk of Crashing by 10'

‘By analyzing millions of miles of driving data collected over three years the team found that dialing a phone was the most dangerous distraction,
increasing a drivers’ chance of crashing by 12 times.’

I am beginning to think the OP has the right screen name.

Gee, I thought having sex while driving was more dangerous than dialing the phone.

@keith having sex WITH someone, or alone?

Dunno, why would anyone pick a screen name that makes everyone distrust everything you post?

"@keith having sex WITH someone, or alone? "

I don’t think it matters.

I generally base my judgment by the quality of the post rather than the screen name.

having sex WITH someone, or alone?

Gee, combine both distractions–phone sex while driving!

I take issue with the word “dialing.” When someone says dialing a phone, this sounds to me specifically like dialing a number. Like the phone you had when you were a kid that you had to put your finger in the hole and move the dial around to the correct number, and if you screwed up would have to hang up and start all over again. I would use the words typing and browsing instead, since texting while driving and reading texts is actually the danger they are referring to. Who even dials a number anymore anyway? Don’t people all voice command call or just go to saved contacts and hit that limited distraction single call button? I read the article and know they mean cell phone distractions in general and not actually dialing a number, but still…this word is archaic.