Read carrier housing gears stripped


I have a 05 4 Runner was in 2WD mode and going about 30-35 and the shift got knocked into neutral and then I

shifted it back to drive. If my foot was still on the gas the the RPMS up can it cause problems with the tran or rear axle components ? I had all the teeth stripped off my gear in the backend carrier housing. toyota says this caused it. is this plausible ?


Not being aware of any weakness in your differential I will note that a great deal of 4X4 rear ends are destroyed when the low range lock-out is over ridden in 2 wheel drive. When attempting to pull boats from the water or tow vehicles, shifting to ‘low’ with the front axle not taking some of the torque often damages the ring and pinion, sometimes catastrophically, sometimes not. And when not, a seemingly harmless stress may be the straw…