Re-thinking the '50s in the US auto industry


Younare correct. All Saabs had north-south engine position until the 9000 was released in the 90s. The 99s had the engine in backwards with the clutch right behind the radiator. Same for the 900s and apparently so did 96s and 93s.

For all the talk about equal length half-shafts in the 80s, Saab had them all along.


The clutch - and gearbox - was rear of the engine on the 93 and 96.
Btw. if you were experienced in the later 99’s and all of the 900’s, you could change the clutch in around 20 minutes if the car was ready on the floor (everything was done from the top).

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That sentence summarizes it for me.

I also recommend “Rivethead.” Helped me understand why Detroit was doomed.


I just downloaded Rivethead to my Kindle.