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Re starter not starting when hot

Some makes have heat shields around the starter and flyby night shops dont reinstall it when replaceing the starter the end result shorten life of stater and not starting when as exhaust system overheats the starter.

Most Makes Have Engine Oil And Many Fly By Night Shops Drain The Oil And Don’t Replace It. Most Makes Have Wheel Lug Nuts And Many Fly By Night Shops Remove And Replace Them And Don’t Tighten Them . . .


emmm yaaa… How revealing of you?

Do we have a point we’re trying to make? Perhaps you’re wanting to put a blanket on your starter? Not that many cars were built with heat shields on the starter.

You have to do a better lead in to your story. Like explain how you and your dog were stuck on the side of the road because this heatshield was left off and how the only shop in town wants to sell you an entire engine to get you going again. Better yet, tell us you already bought the entire engine and ask if we think it would be OK to get the money back on the botched starter replacement job. That would make for a “100 post thread”.

Many Makes Have Plastic Shields That Protect The Serpentine Belt And Fly By Night Shops Don’t Reistall Them And Then The Belt Flies Off . . . Many Cars Have Oil Filters . . .

To be continued . . .


Oooohhhhh, the suspense! What will be next? I’m on the edge of my seat. And just how do these shops fly? Must have radar doing it at night anyway.